Recent Events Where Trade Show Internet Offered Event Broadband Services

There are many events where Trade Show Internet has offered their broadband services to their clients. These services have been so successful that the event organizers were happy to have had the company offer them internet services. One of these recent events was the Valves International Championship for 2014 and 2016. This is an eSport gaming program where the teams of elite players compete for a 20 Million Dollar price pool. During these events, TSI provided a team of 14 engineers who configured and set up fiber optic circuits. These were 10GB fiber optics that offered internet services for the event.

Then there was the outdoor Summer Market for Retailers, an event that has been held from 2011 to 2016. The purpose of this event has been to offer retailers and opportunity for them to meet with the leading brands in the outdoor products. This way, the retailers have been able to discover some of the upcoming products. Well, for this event Trade Show Internet provided bandwidth packets of 100Mbps to the event organizers. This was a point-to-point bandwidth circuit. There was also the availability of satellite internet as a backup.

You can also hire the TSI company internet services by visiting the company website. Here, you will find wifi at events via TradeShowInternet.